Welcome to TheSuperUnknown

I need a place to have some annonymity, yet still know that my thoughts are open tho the world. To stare naked into the darkness, perhaps screem a bit. If you have made it here, I hope you don't actually know me. It would probably take the fun out of it pretty quickly. This will be a place for my honest feelings. I don't think they will be a surprize to anyone. Much like it is completely Ok to know how a nuclear reactor works (those that love me do know how I work), it is deffinately not a good idea to gaze onto one that is split open. This is the me split open.

Why now?

I guess I just really missed out on the fun of the anonymous internet. I was old enough to be involved, but I really love people so much I wanted to know them and them to know me. I care aobut people a lot. I see people as all about the same. But I have started to realise that idea isn't completely true. Perhaps I am mentally slow not to have understood that earlier. Perhaps I am just over optimistic. What I do know now is that we all aren't exactly the same bacuse if we were the world would be a much more peaceful place and the hauntings that wake me up early in the mornings wouldn't be there.

You are probably a great person. Honestly, you are part of the abyss and don't exist. Most likely none will ever read this crap. My records here are simply a vent into space. But on the off chance you do exist, I wish you best.

Why TheSuperunknown?

It is a cool name I guess. Soundgarden had a neat song by that title. It is a bit of a nihilistic, it doesn't matter if Schrodinger's cat is alive of dead kid of idea. But as I said this is my "into the unknown" message in a bottle thrown into the sea with no expectation of it being read.

Let's start the fun.